Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Today I feel pretty good about myself and my job. I arranged 3 volunteers to take 5 families to Walmart to buy winter clothes. They are all families that have arrived within the past 4 months, and they have no idea what winter really is. I had to coordinate 3 womens' schedules, then inform 5 families that speak zero or little English to what was going to happen, then explain the plan of attack to all volunteers via phone and email, and then meet the volunteers in the morning with the checks for the families. I would usually expect 1 or 2 families to pull a no-show, or some other communication failure to occur. But everything went off without a hitch! Everyone got coats and other winter necessities with their money! Each family had at least one representative to shop for them! There were no problems at the banks! Miraculous!

I'm pleased with how things went today. Two more volunteers are taking 2 more families on Friday, and one other volunteer is taking 1 more family next week Tuesday, so I guess it's not all over yet. But this has been in the works for a long time, and it's getting cold, and I'm glad there are a few more warm refugees out there tonight. :0)

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