Tuesday, October 12, 2010

new arrivals

OMG, I love my job.

Today I had a meeting at 10am at a local high school to discuss with the Honor's Society about options for their service projects. Then, the rest of the day was pretty normal. At 6:30, I got to go meet LFS's newest family at the airport! It was very cool. There were about equal parts Bhutanese and Americans. The Americans were shy and seemed a bit uncomfortable, while the extended family and Bhutanese community members were chatty and happy. The family consisted of a mom, dad, two teenage sons, and a 6 year old daughter. Someone from the church had brought their young daughter, who had packed a backpack full of her toys to give to the little Bhutanese girl. It was so precious to watch the American girl show the Bhutanese girl how to play with some of the toys that I started to tear up a bit. I had forgotten my camera, unfortunately, so I just snapped a picture with my cell phone camera, which I don't know how to load into the computer yet.

Also, today at work, I played Spanish interpreter. While I was poking around in the file room after most people had left, I heard one of my coworkers trying to communicate with a woman about energy assistance, but failing. I listened for a while (because cross-cultural communication with language barriers is common and our staff is skilled at it), then I went out to them and said, "I can speak a little Spanish." I was impressed with my ability to speak and listen that well after all these years. It was exhilarating!

One of these days I'll post a detailed explanation of what exactly I do. I got home at 8pm today, though.

Everyone on our staff is cleared for overtime this week, prepping for the PRM audit, so I will probably be home late most nights this week. I still love every minute of my job, though, so I'm not complaining yet.

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