Thursday, March 14, 2013


I'm on my lunch right now. I took up walking over my lunch break around the beginning of the year when I started to approach my fitness in a less running centric way. It has been a lovely way to spend hour lunches. I am almost caught up with my podcasts and I have lost some weight.

Today I walked outside on the Rock Island Trail, which I haven't been able to do much of since working here because it has been winter (I usually have to go to the gym). Today is sunny and around 50 degrees. When I started walking it was pretty cold but I warmed up about a mile in. Now I'm in my car about to head in and I've got the windows open for a lovely, cool breeze. The snowmelt is pouring into the drain nearby which is making sound akin to a waterfall. It is a distinctly and urbanly peaceful moment.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A month later

Today I downloaded an app on my phone for blogger. Oh smartphones. There is no end to their entertainment and/or usefulness.

Volunteering with the refugees had been going well, but hit a dry patch. They stood us up about 2 weeks in a row. We finally made a successful visit again last night. I noticed that mom improved significantly on her letter recognition. I started some phonics with her and the eldest daughter. Surprisingly they both did quite well! I heard them read English words! Today I looked up some websites to help them learn more phonics and I'm excited to see their learning progress. Saturday we're planning to take everyone to the capitol building.

Work has been reliable and easy. I apply for new state jobs most days but haven't gotten a call for an interview yet. Though I daily appreciate the stability and ease of this job, I'm ready for something more.