Monday, June 18, 2012

day 10972

Stress. I can see how it ruins peoples lives and health. This job has brought me the greatest stress I have ever experienced in my life. For me, stress especially comes when I have no control over a frustration situation. A workload that is too heavy, and not enough people capable or willing to help out...that's where I'm finding the most stress these days.

I have lovely moments at work from time to time. Last week, I picked up some refugees from the airport, and I got to welcome them by placing sashes around their neck, which is tradition. One of their family members who arrived last year handed me the scarves, and one by one they came up to me and I placed it around their necks. One of them gave me an awkward hug and a lot of them shook my hand (it was a family of 6). Sometimes the tradition happens at airport arrivals, and sometimes it doesn't. But I've never gotten to do it before. And that same night, I got to eat a lot of great Nepali food. Yum. Then today, I was able to bring over their lost luggage, and the elders in the family came up to me one by one, bowed their heads low, and told me "Namaste", I'm assuming out of gratitude for helping find their luggage. Not something I experience every day.

Wedding planning actually is a lot of fun these days. It has grown on me now that we are getting things done and starting to see how things are coming together. I like looking online at stuff. I like working on the budget. I like all of it. I'm looking forward to the day. It's great to have something like that to look forward to. :0)

I am going to start running again in the mornings, I think, before the summer heat really kicks in. I think that'll help me manage my stress. I'm eager to get back into a training plan. I think it'll be good for me.