Saturday, October 23, 2010

of Montreal/Janelle Monae

I went to this concert tonight at the Sokol Underground in Omaha. I was looking forward to attend my first concert in Nebraska and the first concert I have been to in a long time (that I was excited about). I expected a great voice from Janelle Monae and a spectacle from Of Montreal, and I was not disappointed.

Janelle Monae has a set of pipes. Whoa baby. I remember reading that she tried to be on Broadway, but she ended up with a record deal instead. This song has not gotten old for me yet. I love it every time.

I have been a fan of Of Montreal since I saw them at Rothbury 2008. I don't really know how to explain the odd things Kevin Barnes concocted for this tour. There were many people wearing full body leotards of various colors and patterns flailing around on stage. For most of the show, on the bottom, all he wore were pink tights and what looked like a lace apron. Then later, he changed into some gold lame' cape and astronaut type headdress. There were the people running around with pig masks. The 8 foot tall bird heads with fake guns were strangely unsettling. And it was all so loud I do believe I lost some hearing. I kicked myself for forgetting earplugs.

(Don't listen to this song if you're offended by the F-bomb).

What a busy week. I feel like I have hardly been home at all. I joined Snap Fitness this week, which I'm happy about. I have been feeling rather weak and blah lately. Some exercise and weight lifting will hopefully make me feel better. It usually does!

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