Sunday, December 16, 2012


This weekend has been nice and busy. Last night we had  a bacon party with some friends to celebrate a birthday. We had bacon wrapped fillet mignon, bacon wrapped sweet potato french friends (which Kurt made), bacon wrapped smoky links, some type of bacon soup, a bacon chip dip, 3 Little Piggy pizza (with sausage, bacon and canadian bacon), and even cupcakes with bacon on top. Someone brought bacon beer, which I had a small taste of, and I found it truly disgusting. Besides the beer, everything was delicious. No one in our immediate friend group is a vegetarian, if you can't already tell. After all the bacon, we played some dance game on the Kinect, which was loads of fun! I like dancing, so even copying a dancer on a screen was enjoyable.

Today we went to church, which was supposed to be Advent themed, but was changed last minute to include some spiritual thoughts and comments on the massacre on Friday. I remember one thing Jim Keck said that I liked; "Evil always tries to communicate despair."

After lunch, we did the crossword at Jimmy John's, and we did very well this week! We also did a lot of Christmas shopping and we got groceries. Overall, it was a busy weekend and I hope to enjoy the last few hours before the busy week starts.

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