Saturday, November 19, 2011

wine & cheese under the blankets

I know it's small, but I am very proud of myself for waking up early every morning this week. I'm enjoying the unhurried time I now have to get ready for work. Although, some mornings when I go to the gym, I run short on time, but it's okay.

This week at work was more of an improvement. We are currently closing out the last cases, and hope that more will be coming soon. We have arrival dates for about 21 people, and flight numbers into Omaha for 5, but our VOLAGs still seem very unsure about whether or not to send us new cases. Supposedly, they're going to tell us on Monday, then we will have 6 working days to set up 2 apartments and prepare for 11 people. Yikes. I got pretty frustrated in the staff meeting yesterday (we all did), because they are keeping us in this nasty state of limbo. If the VOLAGs decide to cancel the travel for those 21 people, I don't want to be the one to call them and tell them their dads, moms and brothers aren't coming to Omaha anymore. I don't want to be the one to call them and say they've been transferred to Georgia or Tennessee or something. What a nightmare.

I'm looking forward to tonight because I am hosting a "wine & cheese under the blankets" party. This means we will build a giant blanket fort and drink wine and eat cheese inside it. I think it will be a good, old-fashioned time. I'm glad that everyone is coming to me this time!

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