Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sometimes I forget I have this

But I'm diving right back in....

I'm going to 2 really great concerts in the next few months: Mumford & Sons and Arcade Fire. I've been wanting to see Arcade Fire for years and years and years. Kurt and I are going as a sort of birthday celebration, because the concert happens to be on his birthday, April 20. It's in Kansas City, where I have never been. It shall be quite the adventure. I took off the afternoon and a few hours the morning after, because that's going to be one bitch of a ride home late at night.

Also, I do believe that I am teething. I think my 7th wisdom tooth is coming in in the way back, bottom, right side of my mouth. It's pretty miserable because it has been sore for over a week. Also, now there is this flap of skin back there that is very uncomfortable. I chew almost entirely on the left side of my mouth.

Work is going well. We have about 19 people who have/will come in this month. It's a low number, and I'm nervous as to when the next deluge will be in arrivals. I have been feeling quite inspired about my work as of late, though. I have been reading some great books, which has helped me stay motivated.

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