Thursday, March 17, 2011

precious moments

Today was one of those no-time-for-lunch days. I was on the run nonstop from 8:30am until 6pm. I have on adorable memory from today, though. I had just gone to Family Dollar to pick up 3 carts of items for a family arriving tomorrow. I was going to drop them off at the apartment where my coworker was setting up for them. The plan was that his Karenni volunteer would help me unload the car and then I would head back to the office to meet a volunteer for training. After I pulled up and after I hopped out to wait to see which duplex I was going into, a little Bhutanese girl appeared out of nowhere, hopped in the drivers seat of my car and pretended she was driving. She pushed all the buttons, flipped all the switches, and put on my sunglasses, grinning all the way. Then the Karenni guy came out and I flagged him down. He is probably the biggest, burliest Karenni guy in the world. He's close to six feet tall with salt and pepper hair and a lazy eye. He speaks maybe a handful of English words. While opening the back door, the little Bhutanese girl squirreled her way in and grabbed a blanket and waited to see where to go with it. The three of us unloaded my car in two trips. It was one of those simple, honest moments where the world crashes together and it seems that different people working together can do anything.

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