Thursday, February 24, 2011

Jon Stewart dream

Last night I had a dream that I was at the church I grew up in, and was soon going to meet my family out at the mini van in the parking lot to go home, and they had my cell phone/purse. But as I left the building, I got lost. Really lost. Not like I was scared, it was more that I was wandering. I wandered into a variety of situations. One was that I was in the Red Cross and they were bringing in and treating wounded soldiers. From what fighting? I have no idea. Also, while I was there, I started to give blood, but realized I had just done it not that long ago, and that I might do myself some harm if I did it again so soon. So I just up and left the place, with the needle and tube still in my arm. As I was walking out, I discarded them into a nearby shrub, again unfazed and unconcerned about being lost with no ID or phone. Then I wandered into some busy area that resembled a cross between a subway station and a doctors office. I was just sitting there zoned out and Jon Stewart came to talk to me. He was super friendly and we hit it off! We were just chit-chatting, cracking jokes like old pals. He had to go in and do his show soon, but he let me have this book that also functioned as a cell phone. I think it was a very new technology. He said I could use it to call someone to come find me, but that he needed it back. He also gave me some other papers, but I didn't know why or what they were for. So he left, and I was sitting there in the subway station/doctors office trying to figure out how to use the book/cell phone. There were all these blanks that I assumed the numbers needed to go into in order to call someone, but I couldn't get the right digits in the right blanks to make the call to my mom. It was so confusing and I sat there for a long while, casually trying to figure it out, totally unconcerned that I was still lost. I was enjoying the ride. Eventually, I gave up on the thing, but I couldn't find Jon Stewart to give him his stuff back. I was concerned about that, since we were buddies now. This was pretty much the end of the dream. I woke up and thought of Jon Stewart as though he were an old friend all morning.

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