Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Today me and Kurt gave blood. The initial idea was to do it on Valentine's Day, because I don't really care about the day. But they closed early on Monday, so we couldn't make it. And Kurt brought me Korean food and ice cream and wine and cheese and chocolate. The food was nice, but I still don't care about Valentine's Day. Kurt said that when he was picking up the wine, he saw a bunch of burly guys in wife beaters looking bewildered in the card isle at Super Saver. I thought that was funny. But we finally gave blood today, and I did a good job because I have never been this not light-headed afterward.

I helped some guys from the Bhutanese Community in Nebraska start their 501(c)3 application today. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. The Karen Society hired and paid a lawyer to do it. Though, I hear the IRS are sticklers, and we might get a bunch of stuff back that indicates we did a poor job. Either way, it was actually fun for me (nonprofit nerd that I am). I liked helping the Bhutanese guys do it. I mean, the two guys who came are two of the most acculturated, best English speaking Bhutanese around, but going through that IRS application is a difficult thing to do even if English is your native language. Reading through it, I was glad for my masters degree. It was fun to help people who are going to help people.

Me and Kurt have been making these shakes lately. Vanilla ice cream, chocolate pudding powder, and peanut butter cups. We made them twice this past weekend, I think I put on a few pounds because of it, but oh are they heavenly.

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