Thursday, November 18, 2010

Yesterday was incredibly busy for me. I worked all day, then went to an informational seminar on bed bugs at the Douglas County Extension Office. Now you know who to come to for all of your bed bug questions. It's kind of a daunting prospect when you know a large amount of your clients have bed bugs. I mean, where do you start? Really? I think I decided I've got to try to organize some major information sessions with the refugees, with translators and translated materials for them to take home. That has got to be where we start.

After the meeting I went to the airport to see a family reunion for a Kachin Burmese family. Two teenagers were coming, a girl age 16 and her brother age 18. They hadn't seen their mom in 6 years and their dad in 10. The story is one of the remarkable kinds that blows your mind at how bad and good things can be for people at the same time. It was extremely touching, though. I took video that I won't post for privacy reasons, but I'll describe it. The mom stood at the end of the long, airport hallway, watching her children walk up to her. I was a little amazed that she didn't run toward them, but they're from a different culture, I guess. Plus, it made the moment that much longer and easier to hold on to. All three of them were crying. There were hugs all around. Even us, the Americans, were hugging the newcomers. The teenage girl was a happy, overwhelmed wreck, but it was beautiful. The kids got to meet their 1 1/2 year old brother, who looked like he could be straight out of a Kohl's ad he was so cute. The dad was holding the baby, and they just lingered back, being all stoic or something while the mom greeted the kids with great emotion. Dad hadn't seen his kids since they were 6 and 8, so I imagine it was a bizarre moment for him.

I got home very late last night and went straight to bed. I'm lounging a little bit this morning, heading into work late. I have to stay late today again, though. Tomorrow will be a short day, thankfully.

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