Tuesday, November 9, 2010

adventures in multi-culturalism

Guess what? I got a work credit card! With my work credit card, I will be buying things for refugees. For example, I really need to buy a vacuum cleaner or 2. One of our clients actually asked for one! I also will probably be buying winter items from time to time. There also may be bed bug related purchases. One never knows what sort of items a refugee needs.

On Sunday I went on a "multi-cultural tour" that visited Omaha's Hindu temple and a mosque. Here are some pictures!

This is a picture of Kurt eating ice cream before we met for the tour. It was delicious and it was a gorgeous day. It did get cold when we were eating ice cream in the shade, though, so we went inside.

This is the Hindu Temple of Omaha. The tour was extremely enlightening and I learned a lot. The same could not be said about the tour of the mosque. It contained some pretty common information.

 We took a few pictures in front of the temple, but they all were terrible. This was the best one.

Me and two of my coworkers, Claire and Leah, all ready to go into the mosque! Leah did research on how to do a head scarf the right way and she taught me (after this picture). I'm very excited now that I know how to cover my head properly. :0)

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