Tuesday, November 2, 2010

license/work/plane ticket

Today was kind of a cool day.

I got up early (which was probably the least cool part) and went to the Nebraska DMV to get my new drivers license. Interestingly, I now have an F restriction on my license, because my left eye doesn't see very well. Legally, I must drive with 2 side mirrors, which is a fairly normal practice, except I broke the passenger side mirror a while ago when I hit one of those stupid construction signs. It's not news to me that my eyes are bad, though. I am working on locating an ophthalmologist to get myself a new pair of glasses. My insurance includes eye exams every 2 years, and I have only a $10 copay.

Along with the new ID, I registered to vote at my new address. I didn't get to vote today, which is kind of a bummer, but I'm not too worried because of all the transition I'm going through these days.

At work today, I helped this older couple look at an apartment. They have quite the story. She is from Sri Lanka. He is from Sudan. They met while living in Lebanon. Then they came as refugees to the USA. She has had a lot of health issues, and they don't have any kids. They are very adoring of each other. They've worked so hard on their English the past year they've been here, and it has paid off. Unfortunately, the apartment we looked at was not well-suited for them, considering it has a reputation for drinking and drugs, which does not mesh well with their Muslim beliefs. I tell ya, working to find housing for the poorest of Omaha is tricky and difficult and I am gaining insight into what it's like to live in poverty.

Exciting news...I booked a plane ticket to fly home for Thanksgiving! I'm very excited for that. I hope to see many friends and family members.

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