Friday, May 31, 2013

We got our Bikes!

Me and Kurt got our bikes back FINALLY from the repair guy! (Apparently some parts were on backorder) We got them Wednesday, picked up the locks and helmets yesterday and I took my bikes to work today. It was pretty timely because my car is in the shop right now getting a little work done. I was late this morning because getting the bike up from the basement and putting the wheel on and packing the backpack for the day took longer than I expected, but it was a lovely ride. It took 25 minutes and I hope to find a way to make that time shorter. It's a 4.5 mile ride. I'm excited to ride my bike a lot and use my car less.

Yesterday I had my first massage. It was "theraputic" for my crappy back situation. The massage hurt like hell, mostly, so it was far from enjoyable. However, between the chiropractic adjustments and the massage I'm starting to feel loads better. I suspect all this trouble started when I started to go to Good Life Fitness. I don't know what I did to injure myself so badly, but I did! The masseuse thinks it is my iliopsoas muscle. Google it. It's an important one and a hard one to fix.

I am currently at Culvers on a work break. I had a free one scoop ice cream sundae from my birthday that I decided to use on this gorgeous, gorgeous day. Time to head back!

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