Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year

I was at work on New Years Eve and this guy was chatting with me and a few unmotivated co-workers. He said that he thought New Years was a sorry excuse for a holiday. To me, New Years is one of my favorite holidays. I think it's fun to celebrate the passing of a year, to welcome a new one, and to do it with as many friends or family as you can get together. Historically, I have been a part of some kick-ass New Years parties. There were the 3 years that we rented cottages by Lake Mac in Holland. Those were some amazing parties, one year with almost 50 people stopping by. This year we celebrated at Spanky's house, and it was a real good time. :0)

I like the opportunity to reflect on the past year. I've done this random survey thing that I got through an email or on a blog or something for more years that I can remember off the top of my head. As I get older, I enjoy reading my old answers and it helps me recall major life events or memories. It's like seeing the ebb and flow of my life. I plan to keep answering those same 30 questions for as along as I can. I'm working on them now, but haven't quite finished my answers for 2012.

Today I went to a new gym for a "boot camp". I have never been to such a thing, but I enjoy taking fitness classes and I thought it would be a fun new thing to try. It was certainly a challenge. I did my best to keep up and I think I did okay for my first time. The instructor would write a list of 6-10 exercises that we had to do, and how many reps we had to do. Then he gave us a certain amount of time for us to do those reps. Some people were quick and could get through multiple rotations of the lists. I, of course, was slow, and the instructor encouraged new people to do half the reps on the board anyway. Everyone could go at their own pace, which was nice. I believe once or twice I skipped an exercise, but it didn't really matter. My strategy was to do the particular exercise until I saw people around me move onto the next one. I'd give them a little time to get into the new move, then I'd start, so it wouldn't be totally obvious that I was following them. It was hard to keep the whole series of exercises in my head, and besides, I didn't know what most of them are. I mean, really..."50 HBHHLG" "20 pike" "25 ice skates" "20 starting blocks". What do these things mean? Though really, it's just a lingo that I can learn, if I need to. I won't be going to many of these boot camps, though, because my Groupon to the gym doesn't include them. Right when I got home, I felt very energized and bopped around the house cleaning, which is what I tend to do when I get home from the gym. I am crashing right now, however, and I will sleep well tonight.

Speaking of sleeping, I had a terrible, horrible dream last night. I dreamed that I was at a mall when a mass shooter was there. I wasn't injured in my dream, but I saw many scary things and was convinced I had PTSD. I'm glad it wasn't a vivid dream, and I didn't feel panicked or upset when I woke up. But that's still messed up. And on that depressing note...I'm going to finish laundry.

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