Friday, May 13, 2011

tough day

Today was a tough day. At work we were audited by the national agencies of which we are affiliates, as I mentioned in the previous entry. It was very frustrating because their final feedback was not too positive, though we have worked reallyreally hard the past few months to make a lot of improvements. I know I came in at a turning point in the organization, and I've seen a lot of important and positive change in my short 9 months. The review was discouraging, and a bit unfair from our perspective. There was one particular part of my job I worked to improve a lot in the past few months (it was something that was completely ignored until I took charge of it), and it was lambasted in the final review today. It was insulting and frustrating to hear that all that work and care and improvement and vigilance was not appreciated, and was, in fact, worthy of criticizing. Like I said, we felt it was unfair. I hope we can improve our program after this, but help each other realize our strengths and growth, which we felt were ignored.

Anyway, the week has been tough. I'm glad its over and I believe a bottle of wine and some Sigur Ros is appropriate.

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